What we do:

At Best Practice Health, our team of experienced healthcare professionals aim to connect patients to the best qualified orthopedic and neurosurgeons near them. We untangle the mess of looking for a doctor by certifying orthopedic and neurosurgeons we believe to be distinctly qualified in their specialty.

How it’s done:

We screen doctors based on a set of standards determined by our team of doctors and care experts. Although the specifics depend on the surgery, the key criteria we look at include education and training, surgical approach, patient volume, and implant type, among other categories.

Overall, we look for surgeons with fellowship training who perform a high volume of surgeries, use proven implants, robotic assistance when applicable, and who have a track record of happy patients.

Our process:

The certification process starts with research. Lots of research!

Our team of care specialists conduct extensive reviews of all the surgeons they find in targeted regions. Using various research tools and making calls to the offices themselves, we individually verify that each doctor meets all the necessary criteria.

Once we’ve determined that a surgeon is fit to be Best Practice Certified, we will add them to our database. From there, you can set our search widget to your region and condition, then find all the doctors we recommend near you.

Our team chooses a target region and identifies all the orthopedic and neurosurgeons we can find.

From the identified surgeons, we individually analyze each of them to determine if they are qualified for BPH certification.

Once we have determined a surgeon meets our standards, we certify and add them to our database.

Best Practice Health is here to help.

Our mission is to take some of the stress off of making critical healthcare decisions. Surgery is meant to relieve pain and improve quality of life, so let us help you get on the road to recovery.

In order to use our surgeon search widget, simply select your affected joint, the procedure you’re considering, your location, radius, and medicare options in the labeled tabs, then click “search” to get started.